Building online presence for research labs

I teamed up with two dynamic and innovative university research labs, creating the design, build and launch of their bespoke websites. This engaging collaboration birthed a vibrant online presence and brand identity, reflecting their modern approach.


My relationship with them extends beyond the initial creation, encompassing ongoing technical maintenance and content cultivation, ensuring their web platforms stay fresh and engaging.

If you've started a research group and need a bespoke website, let me know. We can explore the possibilities together without any pressure.
Part of the homepage for Sahu Lab

Haapaniemi Lab

Haapaniemi Lab is at the forefront of groundbreaking research, employing CRISPR gene editing technology to develop novel therapies for rare immune diseases.


Recognising the importance of an online presence, they sought a comprehensive solution to enhance their visibility and brand and entrusted me with the complete website creation process.


From the initial planning and research to the custom design, I worked closely with the team to ensure every aspect reflected their unique vision. Their website now serves as a nexus for sharing cutting-edge research findings, publishing insightful articles, advertising job opportunities at the lab, and disseminating information on their vital work.


The project also involved coordinating the acquisition of an appropriate domain name and hosting package, ensuring the site’s foundation was robust and secure.


My ongoing support with content creation, SEO optimisation, regular technical maintenance, and general site management ensures that Haapaniemi Lab’s digital platform continues to thrive, aligning with their goals and furthering their impact within the scientific community. 

Sahu Lab

Sahu Lab, a research group focusing on the understanding and precision targeting of malfunctioning gene regulatory elements in human cancer and other enhanceropathies, sought a unique online identity that would stand apart from standard university webpages.


Through word of mouth, our collaboration commenced, leading to the creation of a custom-made website that reflects their innovative approach to research. My work with Sahu Lab included securing a distinct domain name, organising the hosting package, and utilising WordPress along with other specialised tools to design and build a site tailored to their needs.

By maintaining close communication and attentively following client feedback throughout the design and implementation process, the new website now serves as a focused platform, showcasing their amazing work, enhancing their brand’s visibility, and connecting them with fellow researchers, potential team members, and the broader scientific community.

The collaboration didn’t end at launch; my ongoing support ensures that their website remains secure and up-to-date, and their digital presence continues to grow and evolve.