From hobbyist to professional

With over 15 years of dedication to the web design industry, my journey began with personal projects that sparked my interest in crafting online experiences professionally. Gradually, I transitioned into part-time freelance work, honing my skills and laying the foundation for my future.

Just before the pandemic hit, I took the exciting step of establishing my own freelance business. Achieving this milestone fulfilled a long-time dream, and now I’m excited to build my professional portfolio, fully channeling my creativity to provide custom, engaging web services to a diverse array of clients.

Cat sitting in a magical forest, using a laptop and having a cup of coffee
Cat in a magical forest drinking coffee and drawing wireframes by hand

Transforming ideas into digital reality

In the past, I’ve built websites from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I’ve since specialised in WordPress-based site building and related tools. This specialisation empowers me to create stunning, creative, and functional websites that are tailored to your needs and easy to maintain, all while keeping the focus on Accessibility to ensure a more inclusive online environment.

My knowledge also extends to UI/UX design, ensuring user-friendly navigation, and SEO-friendly content and structure for improved search engine visibility.

A lifelong learner

Being mainly self-taught, I’ve sharpened my skills through hands-on experience and a relentless passion for learning. But the journey never stops! I’m currently exploring studies in graphic design, UI/UX design, and project management.

I’m also a strong advocate for accessibility and equitable design. Through my commitment to these principles, coupled with continuous learning in this area, I want to make sure all user groups can have a seamless and enjoyable experience using the websites I create.

A cat in a magical forest sitting in front of a stack of books, studying

😺 More about me

Outside of work, I’m often tinkering with personal web projects. I enjoy a nice cup of coffee, sunshine-filled walks outside, and I have a soft spot for my two cats. 🐈 🐈‍⬛  You can probably see how they, along with my interest in fantasy and nature, have inspired me with the look of this website!

I also love hitting the gym, and occasionally treating myself to a nice meal out.

Building genuine connections with people means the world to me and, in a client situation fosters effective collaboration. I can’t wait to get to know you and your vision!